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sakurasmile's Journal

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Pretty flowers and smiles, what can be better?

HUGE GARAGE SALE - FEEL FREE TO MAKE OFFERS! Moving in two weeks, these things need to go!

Who am I?
My name is Kristi, or Ki for short. I just started a feedback thread here in the first post, so don't be worried that you see no responses! My personal lj is sakuraki. I have a small feedback thread located HERE, but it's very new. For a better idea of feedback, I've been helping my family Ebay for years. You can view feedback for that account HERE. If you complete a transaction with me, I'd really appreciate a feedback note in the first post of this journal <33

These sales are open to the continental US only, unless I know you. In the garage sale, all the items are used (hence garage sale XD) so they're not going to be in perfect condition. The pictures you see will be exactly what you receive, and I'll make note if something is more used looking than normal. All sales are final. I price as I see fit, but for some items I will consider other offers.

Shipping is not included in the price. These rates include packaging, foam when needed and the shipping price. I'm going to start off with this method for continental US customers:

If it's one or two small items that can be put in a small padded mailer, shipping is between $1-$2, depending on weight.

If I have to buy the next size up, it'll be around $3

If there are enough items to fit in a small box, shipping will be $4-$5.

For anything heavy or larger than that, I'll have to give you a special quote. Shipping insurance is available for an extra $1. If you do not purchase insurance, I can't be responsible for packages lost by the post office. Packages will be mailed out (usually!) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays because I have the most time on those days.

Currently accepting ONLY paypal cash to the address of nacciki@hotmail.com. Sorry, but I'm moving soon and I can't wait for postal mail payments or trades.

When you go to make a payment, please be sure that:

a) You've included your lj username
b) You've said what items the payment is for
c) The address attached to your paypal account is correct, so I don't mail it to a place that doesn't exist!
If something like that happens, you'd be responsible for the extra shipping charges and that would suck ^^;

After you make a purchase, please check the main journal page before asking questions on item status - I'll update the transactions entry when I get payment / ship / encounter any setbacks for shipping.

Will you hold items?
NO holding of items at this time, as I'm moving in a few weeks. I've held items in the past, and people never got back to me - waste of time! Since I only take paypal cash, if you need a few days to transfer money then I'll wait on you; but only if you're committed to buying the items.

These things are first come - first serve, comment on an item you're interested in. It is perfectly ok to ask questions about an item. But if you say you WANT an item, I will hold it and expect you to purchase it. If you decide you don't want the item, PLEASE LET ME KNOW quickly so I can open it to other buyers. If I get trouble with people claiming an item and then disappearing, I'm going to set up a deadbeat list. If I see your name on others' deadbeat lists or with negative feedback at garage sale japan, I won't do business with you. This is for self preservation more than anything ^^; Thanks for the understanding!

Thank you!