Sakura Smile!

Opening shop, huge garage sale!

Welcome to Sakura Smile! One day you'll find only fun originals here, but for now it's the home of a HUGE GARAGE SALE! Items will be added frequently, so keep checking back!

Please read USERINFO before commenting/asking questions! Information on purchasing/shipping/existing feedback links there!

Feedback: Existing feedback links in userinfo, but from now on please respond with feedback in this very post <3

That's about it, thanks for looking and have a great day!

Update 6/12: Currently CLOSED, in the process of moving (that's why entries are private!) May be more garage sale items once I'm settled in, for sure will have some more originals up at my Etsy shop ( in a month or so. In the meantime, if you've received items from me I would really appreciate feedback here. Thanks!
Sakura Smile!


Here's a list with current transaction status~ This is the place to check if you're waiting on an item!



Rainbow Choker + Stretch Seed Bead Bracelet Set: buy_erins_stuff
(shipped 5/19)

*If you had a hold and didn't contact me for weeks on end, hold was cancelled.*